14 March 2012

Four Qwik Sites for Busy Teachers

Teachers are busy people. Lessons are plotted before a teacher steps into a classroom, lessons continue after the class is over. Marking, grading, assessment are all constant time consumers. Increasing demands on teachers' precious time to be involved in heavier admin duties, social committees, voluntary contributions to the community have become the norm in many places. 

What is often forgotten is how creative teachers are - creative to juggle the increasing workload demands, and more importantly, creative in their approaches and lessons to engage and capture learners' imagination and attention. 

What better way than to use Qwiki Creator  which allows you to create interactive videos. You can mix and match media and images, upload videos from YouTube and Vimeo, and soon there will be an app for iPads coming out as well. 

For now, all you need to do is sign up to request an invitation. 

Innovative Classroom offers teachers a range of topics and activities for lessons. It's simple to navigate, with themes, lesson plans, classroom management and tools easily visible. 

Although it is mostly geared towards KG12, there are materials and ideas which are also of interest for whoever teachers ELT. 

Interaction Builder is not free but would of interest to many educational institutions, allowing teachers to create games, quizzes and other activities.  There is also the option of trying it out for free before going ahead with the purchase. 

And if you have your own blog, or if your students have their own blogs, why not go mobile? ShareSquare requires no complex tech knowledge and offers different options for users. 

Teachers are busy, especially at this time of year. Yet their constant quest for creativity, energy to renovate and inspire learners, is something that all educators should be proud of. 

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