17 March 2012

The Season of Change

In my part of the world, winter is over. Days are pleasantly warm, windows are open without the  worry of the unexpected dust storm. Spring is always a welcoming season. However,  Spring 2012 brings more positive changes than I had hoped for. Over the past months there has been a number of journals which have opened their access to all (you can see here for open access journals); there have been more MOOCs (particularly those run by Stephen Downes and George Siemens) which I have learnt so much from,(not to forget the many participants and bloggers who have added inspiring and through-provoking posts shared globally; Learner Weblog by @suifaijohnmak, being one of the most regular and inspirational blogs on Connectivism). 

Among the many other changes online, this year IATEFL will be having contributions from those who attend online.  Also coming up this month is the international conference Follow The Sun - a learning festival with speakers and contributors from around the world. Best of all? It is open and free to all participants. 


Yes. Each days brings forth more changes in our world - even in education (which tends to change very slowly).  This past week another major change happened this week - after publishing for 244 years, the Encyclopedia Britannica has decided to leave the printed world.  I am not claiming that this major change was brought about solely by  Wikipedia, nevertheless, it is a major change this Spring.  And speaking of Wikipedia, consider the following:

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What major changes have you noticed this Spring?

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