10 March 2012

Social Media Demographics

Despite concerns and reservations that many educational institutions still have regarding use of social media in the classroom, there is no doubt that learners do need some guidance in social networks and enjoy participating in their online communities and networks.

Infographics are interesting to use in class; there are so many different activities that teachers can devise with an infographic. This one, as you can see, is on social media demographics. Students could be given half the infographic and write questions for the other half of the class; in the end, students could carry out a similar survery at the school/college and compare  their data with why Americans use social media.

A Case Study in Social Media Demographics
Via: Online MBA Resource

Other possible topics to introduce in class, are the History of Chocolate or A Day In The Internet.  Here you can find more infographics which are interesting to use in class (scroll down the "tags" to select what may be of interest/use to you). Each infographic can be tailored to a particular class, used for  an activity or as a springboard for another task.

How do you use infographics in class?

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