4 March 2012

Sourcing Images

Blogs, digital stories and magazines all become more interesting with images - but where does one find free images for personal use? You can use your own photos or perhaps explore the following sites.

You can begin by using a search engine specifically for images. Oolone  and  Picsearch and two well known search engines; you can also try using Fotopedia, which offers more than just a search engine and is beautiful to explore. 

Pixolution is another cool search engine which you can use to find images which interest you. There is also PicsLikeThat which allows you to search in different languages. Below is a short video explaining what you can do with PicsLikeThat.  

If you prefer to go directly to a source where free images are offered, these are some sites which you can look:


Photos 8 

Image After

On the other hand, you can always use your artistic skills and create your own picture with DrawIsland. With DrawIsland you can draw online (as you see in the whiteboard on the right) and even create your own animations (there is a button on the left hand side which generates animations).

What other sources do you use for images?

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  1. I had never seen the Drawisland tool, it is amazing, especially the possibility to animate your drawing. My students are going to like it :) Thank you very much, Ana!


  2. Hi Baiba,

    Thank you for passing by and leaving your thoughts; do let me know how DrawIsland works with your students - I would love to see some of their work! Thank you too for your awesome Scoop.iT! on presentations - it's a wonderful resource for all students and professionals :-)