28 March 2012

A Spring of Thinking, Curation & Videos

With Spring comes renewals. Some will celebrate spiritual renewal with the celebration of Easter, others may celebrate with rituals of spring cleaning and by adding lighter colours to their wardrobes. With the possibility of some having an additional Spring break, why not take a bit of time and renew your digital toolkit?

Thunks is an excellent place to begin for introducing critical thinking into the classroom. Too often teachers are more concerned with the flow of their lessons, of ticking all the boxes of their lessons plans; why not listen to learners as they are challenged with provoking questions? Particularly in language classrooms, challenging questions get students involved and reflecting. Get Thunking is another place to begin questioning and having students ask their own challenging questions.  

Thinkery may still be in Beta but is full of lively activity; either for tagging or looking for information, it's a new and interesting site to visit. 

Curation continues well and strong in 2012, with sites such as Pinterest having a massive following. As perhaps some may know, I have a special interest in curation as I curate myself, but rather than talk about my own curation (which you see in the page above), I'd like to offer one more suggestion for curation. Searcheeze is simple to use and creates a manageable magazine for curation. Learners can add images, text, videos and websites. Curation is a great way to carry out a project with perhaps a presentation at the end. Students can then share their references which have been curated with others. 

Exploratorium is a world of exploration to share with learners. Videos, slideshows, webcasts and podcasts, there is a wealth of resources for both teachers and students. You can begin by browsing either by subject or type of data you want (i.e. video, webcast etc) and then select what is most useful/appropriate for your context. Additionally, it's a great source for students to use for their own projects.

Here below are some further suggestions on Videos:

Educational Videos for K12

Intelligent Video - Open Culture

Swapping the Syllabus in for Vimeo - Harvard Discovers a New to Introduce Gen Ed Classes

What other sites do you use to introduce critical thinking?

Happy Spring, Happy Easter to All!

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