3 March 2012


Telling stories is probably one of the most fascinating ways of learning and expressing oneself. Despite some international exams still expecting learners to produce the "hamburger" essay, there are other approaches to developing stories. 

 Cube Creator by ReadWriteThink offers four planning cubes for creating a story, while Storyboarding helps young writers focusing on their character, the action and location of their story. 

My StoryMaker is another site which helps young learners to create a story. There are characters to choose from, backgrounds and instructions are simple and clear (just as for the suggestions above). 

If there isn't time for a whole story, why not write a poem? ShapePoems, is another interactive activity by ReadWriteThink and creates poems that are in the shape of the object.  In the end, learners can print and put up their poem on the classroom walls. 

 Zopler, is a social network where members can easily collaborate on writing stories together and receive feedback on their stories. It's a great place for group work and possibly even working with another class in another part of the world. 

Further references:

Digital Storytelling: A tutorial in 10 easy steps

Storyboarding - Develop your Digital Story


  1. I really enjoyed this post and will be exploring these links over the next couple of weeks 'downtime'. Good stuff, thankyou!


    1. Hi Rich,

      Thank you so much for your positive feedback! Do remember to share/tell me how it worked out with your learners; I love reading learners' digital stories!