27 March 2012

StoryTelling & Avatars

Stories flow in streams of life. Stories are who we are, where we come from, leading us to where we wish to be.  One is almost huddled to a rock in one's communities and physical environment,  yet once opening the digital window, one is unleashed and there lie stories to be heard and told. Stories to participate in one's own stories to add to. 

Stories Unbound is place where stories are told, shared and listened to. By clicking on the map you can find stories that have been added and their location in the world. 

As with so many other tools, you need to register and then you too may begin adding your stories to world of stories to be shared and read. 

For younger readers, Story Shaker offers inclusion of the young reader. As one reads, one is asked to make choices to the path of the story.  Begin by shaking up the story, as one would with a toy box, and watch the story and your choices unfold. 

Scholastic offers more stories for young learners too; from Alice falling down a rabbit hole, to lonely lighthouses. A story-telling treasure for younger learners!

Stories can also be told through avatars and Dan Awesome's Rage Maker  would certainly delight teens.  They can either draw their own avvie or use one already shown. By dragging and dropping on the canvas, you can adapt, add colour, change position of the avatar so that it expresses exactly what you want. Definitely a fun activity for a Friday afternoon when the weekend is calling but learners must still sit in classrooms. 

You Are Your Words creates avatars with text in 3 simple steps:

1 - upload a picture

2 - select a text to create the portrait

3 - select colour and font then download. 

What's your favourite stream for stories?

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