6 March 2012

Teaching, Learning

Have you ever come across that educator who knows it all and is not reluctant to constantly remind others how he/she knows everything there is to know and how others have so much to learn?

I'm sure you may have,  for that type of teacher can be found in many places. Nevertheless, it always surprises me -  how can anyone state that they know everything? How can any educator know all the possible answers? 

As an educator, one does not hold life and death in one's hands like a surgeon. Education is not a life-threatening activity, though it is a field with responsibility towards others. Being an educator also means being a learner. Each generation is different, every class will have its own culture and personality, each individual student is a world of his/her own. The culture of education is rich and complex; a never-ending learning challenge.  Above all, the world of education is one of constant flow, constant change and hopefully one that inspires, motivates and enlightens educators as well. 

Today's suggestions are some tools and sites which may help educators when in need of resources and possible inspiration. 

J-Learning is a how-to-site for journalism and where you can find a lot of support for using digital media; from how to use blogs, to recording online, there are rich sources for both teachers and learners. 

Photo Editing Software  is another site which is rich in resources. Not only can you find photo editing software references, but there are sample lessons for different subjects and levels, suggesting how you can integrate images in lessons and projects. 

Cyberwise is a site for educators, parents and learners and as the name suggests, is all about how to use digital media in the best possible way. 

There are videos for schools, fun ways to teach digital citizenship, and other downloadable resources about new media. And of course, it is a growing community which you can join as well. 

Languages Online offers ready made activities for different languages as well as interactive tasks which you can download and create yourself. Here  I have already highlighted a matching activity which is simple and great to use in class; another excellent resource from Languages Online is a cartoon maker Cartoon maker is accompanied with storyboarding help sheets and help files; and includes features such as adding voice recordings to the cartoons. 



Do you regard educators as life-long learners? Can an educator ever know everything there is to know?


  1. Thanks for this, I am trying to get our IT guy ti install the cartoon maker. It looks fun...umm I mean useful!

  2. It is :-) Why not download it to your desktop? Would love to hear how it goes; thank you for passing by!