18 March 2012

Three Word Games and More Online Publishing

Headlines Clues is a thinking game where learners are shown a headline and a short summary. They then have to decide what the missing words are.  There is a choice of topic (ranging from health to business and sports) and after you select your topic, you are timed to choose the right word to complete the sentences.  There are 3 levels (easy, moderate, power) so learners can choose the level they feel more comfortable with to begin playing. There are clues and in the end, a link which will lead you to the news article. Here you can find a video describing the game in more detail. 

Pardon my Words is a challenging crossword puzzle by Smithsonian - a site which is rich in resources for teachers in every field, (particularly K12) and offers a new game everyday. For instance, today's game is on Explorers.  Another Crossword puzzle is by Coolbuddy. Not all games are designed for learning activities so the teacher will have to browse and decide which may be suitable for his/her class context. 

By creating an account with Calameo , you can then begin publishing your own magazine, embedding audio and videos. There are different options to upgrade, but there is a free option to begin with. Publications come in different languages and there is a browsing option as well as a community. Publications also may be turned public or kept private. 

Trailme is another way to publish online; a mix between curation and publishing, it's definitely an interesting and fun tool for learners to experiment with. 

What other publishing platforms would you recommend?


  1. Hi Ana
    Was wondering if you are going to join pinterest & why / why not??

  2. Hi JSM,

    I already use other platforms for curation and bookmarking; I also have 3 other blogs so although Pinterest may have a certain appeal, at the moment I don't have need to use it. How about you?