16 March 2012

Visual Blogging & Surveying

Blogging serves different purposes and is becoming a more mainstream class activity as time goes by. One feature of blogging that I seldom see referred to is the more ludic, playful aspect which students delight in - and that is the power of playing with images. For learners who are beginning to blog, and in particular those who may be more reluctant to develop their blogs, opening their horizons to the power of images is indeed enticing. 

Playing with images, creating their own personalized photographs, whether playful or more serious, is a breathe of fresh air on days of endless lessons and concentration. Image manipulation is not just a playful activity either; it is part of digital literacies and learning about multimedia. 

Psykopaint is one of the most addictive and fun image tools I have recently come across.  

Twicepix  is a great source for free images and includes an interesting feature called the tilt viewer.

Citrify is a free online editor which enhances photographs and offers different effects for images. 

FuntasticFace and AnyMaking are two other tools which students can use to create fun and interesting images with their photographs.  

Bubblejoy is different - with BubbleJoy you can create short video cards to send to friends and family - great for celebrations and special events. 

Ever considered creating a visual survey? Survey Legend is a free survey service with a difference. It's free and once you sign up, log in, you will find the instructions easy to follow:

My last suggestion for today is for educators - What every student needs to know- in pictures. Published by the Guardian, this is a set of inspirational posters to remind students of how special each one is, as well as essential reminders for a healthier lifestyle. 

What other editing tools would you recommend for blogging?

Further suggestions:

Digital Delights - Image Editing - by scrolling down the tags you will find more editing tools, free image sites, design and other topics related to photography. 

Chrono Zoom - a stunning interactive visual chart about the cosmos, solar system and life. Excellent for history.

Sourcing Images - more on images


  1. Cristina,
    I really appreciate this list of photo editing resources. It's a struggle to find images that are legal to re-use and manipulate but that are also apropos and compelling.

    On surveys, I'd be curious to know why you recommend Survey Legend over Survey Monkey. I have used Survey Monkey quite a bit and find it easy to use. What do you prefer about Survey Legend?

  2. Hi Kate,

    Thank you for passing by and leaving your thoughts. I agree with you that it is not always that simple to find images that are legal to use and free sites which we can introduce in class but they do exist and are great for learners.

    Regarding Survey Legend and Survey Monkey, I like trying out new platforms/tools and think that Survey Legend is interesting. Of course, as always, so much depends on context and purpose. If you have time, have a look at the binder I have on online polls - there are different options and alternatives to Survey Monkey (though of course, Survey Monkey is excellent :-)