3 March 2012

Whiteboards for Collaboration

Among the different characteristics of 21st Century learning, collaborative learning is mentioned over and over again. I don't think that learning collaboratively is a unique feature of our times, however, with the increase of social networks and other sites which enable collaboration, this dimension of learning is indeed more in the spotlight. 

One tool which caters for collaboration is the online whiteboard and today's suggestions are some which are freely available. 

IDroo - to use with Skype

If you would like to collaborate with  documents, these sites are easy to edit, to use individually or to share:

Mo Pad - an ether pad

For iPads, why not try out Show Me Interactive Whiteboard and 

Zig Zag Board - both free to download. 

Learning may be up to the individual, but the process of learning does not mean that it has to be a lonely experience. It is through interaction with others that one learns, practices and defines one's self-knowledge and awareness. 

What other whiteboards for collaboration would you suggest?


  1. Hi
    Love your stuff! Recently I found the 'explain everything' IOS app which is perfect for classes. However I am looking for an Android version. Can you help? Would be interested in more Android links too please :)
    Keep up the great work.

  2. Hi JSM,

    Thank you for passing by and leaving such positive feedback - much appreciated! :-)

    I don't use Android much but would suggest for you to scan the tags in Digital Delights for Learners (link on the curation page above). I"ll keep my eyes open for more Android apps in future :-)