26 March 2012

A World of Apps

Increasingly iPads are being adopted at educational institutions and although I don't think that iPads substitute a laptop, the resources and learning opportunities which iPads offer, are transforming approaches to classroom practices and learning. 

More than making a case for the integration of iPads in the classroom, I'd like to forward some suggestions to those who may be considering the use of iPads in their practices. 

Digital Storytelling with the iPad is a fabulous place to begin exploring uses of iPads and storytelling. 

Tom Barrett is an educator who I have a lot of respect for and constantly offers support to educators.  By crowdsourcing, Tom has put together this wonderful document which I strongly recommend everyone to read - 103 Interesting Ways to Use an iPad in the Classroom.  

If collaboration skills are a constant in one's teaching, I find it equally important that teachers in an institution collaborate together, pulling resources and ideas, for it is the participants or a particular context that best know their students' needs and what is effective for them. Crowdsourcing, sharing and collaborating are practical and valuable ways of professional development as well, for with today's pace of change, it is incongruent that any one particular teacher in  an institution knows it all or can consider him/herself a " tech guru" in relation to peers. 

Appitic is another site which I find practical and inspirational when it comes to Apps. With a collection of 1,800 Apps for education, they are presented according to different fields of interest, making it simple for educators to browse. 

Apple itself has a section for educators as well, and is well worth time to visit. 

iPad EdResources is unmissable when it comes to iPads. There you can find a wealth of sites and references which will certainly inspire and guide you with the practice of iPads for education. 

Here you can find further references and individual Apps which I have found of interest to use. 

Do you have a favourite selection of Apps? How do you feel about using iPads in your classrooms?

Further references:

Can Education Afford the iPad?

Interesting Ways - more crowdsourcing ideas by Tom Barrett

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