3 April 2012

ELT Revisions

There are moments when all learning seems futile. How often have language teachers heard, "Why is English like this? Why is it so difficult?"

The English language does indeed have peculiar features which are not so common in other languages, nevertheless, it is one of the most spoken languages internationally, with a wealth of variations and characteristics.  As for not being able to learn a language......in over 20 years I have never met anyone who is unable to learn a language, so wether the concept of a non-language learner really exists or whether it is yet another urban myth, I'm afraid I can't comment as I have no experience of a non-language learner. 

However, learning a language does take time, dedication and constant practice. Today's suggestions are geared towards revisions for English Language Learning as the semester will soon be bordering exams and assessments. 

Oxford Dictionary Spelling Challenge has 3 different levels as well as British or American spelling. With the aid of audio, learners type in the word they hear. It's great for revisions and for self-learning - and for spelling bee preparations. 

Just The Word is another site with an emphasis on words but functions more like a thesaurus as well as showing lexical items in clusters - both in terms as word part (i.e. noun, verb, adjective etc) as well as its combination. 

For class activities, Free Printables for Teachers offers games focusing on grammar, vocabulary and other language skills.  You can also find printable certificates to award students for their achievements. 

Learning a language doesn't have to be a painful experience of feeling as if one is at the bottom of the sea and will never succeed. There is plenty of support online for both learners and teachers. 

Here are some sites which are worth looking at and selecting what is best for your students: 

Podcasting for Foreign Language Education - a wealth of podcasts for different languages

Wording - How to find the right word

English Language Space Station - Free worksheets and ideas for ELT

ESL Lounge - board games and more

English LaunchPad - App


Images were taken from 1x.com and edited with Lunapic

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