26 May 2012

A Special Tribute

Ends of May and another academic draws close to an end. Ahead lie lazy summer days for some; for others, discoveries and wonders within research paradigms and worlds of change.

On a personal basis, I wish to thank colleagues I have worked with, and all my students,  for teaching and sharing so much with me.  A very special thank you  goes out to my students who worked with me throughout these years -   all the inspiration they regularly offered me will not be easily forgotten. 

As many educators who may possibly be making plans for the coming academic year, days at my current workplace are also drawing to an end. Having left the Middle East for three years and then returning, I couldn't have found a more rewarding place to be - Ras Al Khaimah, the jewel of the north. 

Days of dust, days of wonder, and many days of learning. Teaching is never a one way street - one gives, one receives, one gives again. Who is to say who learns the most?

It has been a pleasure and pride to have worked here. To all, warm thanks for every day of wonder! May the wonderful learning process continue, may giving and receiving remain alive.

Education without Borders?



  1. Lovely sentiments, Cristina. Are you now moving to somewhere new...a new beginning? May you also enjoy the wonder of the new, as I am about to, too. I am moving within the company I work for now, to a new place/post/city.

  2. Hi Teacher Training,

    Thank you for passing by and sharing your own endings and beginnings. As educators we are privileged to be able to make choices within the broad field of Education. Throughout my career I have taught in different educational settings and countries; to all I am grateful for the learning opportunities which were open to me.

    Best wishes for the continuation of your teaching career!

  3. Hi Ana, I found your blog because you scooped Motion Math on your Scoop It. Thanks for sharing these wonderful thoughts - I'm looking forward to learning more about your story and perspective. If you get a chance, I'd love to hear your feedback about our blog.

    An from Motion Math (motionmathgames.com/blog)