15 June 2012

Digital Breakdowns, Digital Transitions

And so the day came. 

That day which anyone today dreads. A day that is supposed not to happen. 

Not when I had already planned days to organize files, folders, updates and most importantly of all, back-ups and shifts into clouds.  Just a few days away to calmly, methodically, re-organize my digital world. 

My laptop decided to breakdown. At the worst possible point in time. A time when I am writing, involved in an ethnographic project, when I am tutoring online, when I am blogging, when when when...

There are few words to describe the 48 hours I went through. Driving on roads through the sands, frantically wondering what had been possibly saved, backed-up, what was lost, how I could recover my data - documents, images, music and so very much more. 

I was naked. 

Digitally naked. Digitally lost in a non-connected wilderness. The overwhelming sense of loss, digital bareness, digital emptiness was relatively softened by my iPad and iPhone - grateful for those glimpses of connection but far from my needs and .... my data. Hours, days, weeks, months of work. 

My world evaporated. 

My digital self no longer existed. 

And so began my inquiry. 

Who was I, to recommend to others what I so blatantly had not done myself? 

What was I, if so affected by digital loss?

And where was the magic button to make everything OK?

It is with utter humbleness that I publicly share this loss, this gross mistake, this lapse. It is with total humility that I ask possible readers to ensure that they regularly back-up their data and work, for that day does come. At the worst possible time.  If as educators, one strives to raise awareness of digital citizenship, digital safety, backing up data regularly, our words need to become our actions. 

My words need to become my actions as I now struggle to patch up my loss. 

48 hours of digital breakdowns, digital transitions to mend. 

Digital identity to reflect on, digital work to catch up with. 

Ahead of me lies a summer of transitions - from the comfort of classrooms to research in foreign, unknown roads, from digital breakdowns to digital creations. 

All in transition. 

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