10 June 2012

Publishing Learners' Writing

Light summer dresses beckon behind the door as the sun finds its path through slanted shades. Memories of green, playgrounds and crystal clear seas entice my mind. 

However, being an educator, summer is a time when I catch up on professional training, academic studies and research. It is also a time which allows me to look into learning tools with more leisure, playing with assumptions of what may most interest students in coming semesters.

With the regular bandwagon terminology regarding E-learning, learning, ways of learning is often on my mind. Social Learning? But learning has always been a social activity. One only needs to watch young children play and interact. Learning, like communication, does not happen in a vacuum. The challenge today is for educators to guide learners through a digital environment which allows them to communicate and develop skills which will be useful for them.

Whether through games and gaming, virtual worlds or tools which challenge one's creativity and organisational skills, there is something for everyone.

One motivational approach is to have learners publish their own work, whether class work, a project or a topic they are interested in and may share with others. Among the many tools available, What would you like to create? is simple for young learners to use while Social Gimme  allows older learners to create their own web page.

Writing is a challenge for most learners, regardless of age or whether studying a second language. The Hero's Journey  provides learner the opportunity to practice writing patterns which develop their writing skills.

With interactive prompts, students are guided to answer questions which will help reinforce how descriptive writing flows with adjectives and adverbs.

Students may also choose themselves to be the hero, and which of your learners does not want to become a hero just for a day?

Summer journeys, writing journeys, learning journeys. All bring joy and the very necessary sense of accomplishment to individuals. In my journey of reflections for next academic year, I  hope my learners will be able to proudly say:

What do you want your learners to say?

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