27 June 2012

Seeking Sense Thru Words and Reading Games

In my chaotic crops of memories, books have always been present, have always surrounded me. As a child I dwelled on the images, on the worlds of  magic; later I savored the words as images and smells took hold of me.  From explorers and adventurers to philosophers, words opened my world, my worlds forever expanding. 

A common complaint I hear today is how youngsters don't read. Reading may often be cultural - in some cultures it is the oral story telling which holds most meaning to a community; yet it is through reading and mastering the skill of reading that one succeeds in formal education. 

While growing up I struggled through different languages and as almost all my students, I too preferred to read in my own mother tongue. All those unknown words!!!! How dull it was to read and depend on a dictionary instead of following plots and characters!

Words. Meaning. Making sense. 

Today, with the richness of choice and mobility, one can play with words and read through different devices, making vocabulary and reading fun activities for those who are more reluctant to read instead of playing video games. Here are some suggestions of word games and reading:

Summer is a wonderful time to learn calmly and at one's leisure. For teachers too, it is a time to relax, perhaps indulge in professional development or self-learning.

For educators who may want to explore new tools and platforms, here are some suggestions, including one which, still in Beta, will be released to the public this coming Autumn.

And for those who love classics, why not a classic with a contemporary twist?


Further Suggestion:

The Canterbury Tales Remixed


  1. I, too, feel as if I've grown up amongst books. Thanks for posting all the tech tools. I really like beeclip and had never heard of it until I read your post. Can't wait to use it!


  2. You guys make it really easy for all the folks out there.
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  3. Hi Kilgosclass,

    Thank you for visiting and sharing your thoughts. I'm really happy that you find my suggestions of interest and would love to see your Beeclip whenever you are able to share! Best wishes for a great academic year ahead.