28 June 2012

SSS and M for Summer

Summer. Light. Gold trickling down my skin, into my pores, sweeping my mind. 

Summer is also a time to review the past academic year, to look forward to new classrooms, names and faces. And let one not be totally naive - new classrooms are an enticement, a  seduction and also a challenge. For any communication, any collaboration has to be two way: an educator needs to stimulate minds, capture attention and instigate motivation; learners too need to give in return. A learner's smile, a learner's achievement, a learner's success is all it takes. Seduction is always a two way affair, even in education.  (lest there be any misunderstanding, please note that when I mention "seduction in classrooms", I obviously refer to intellectual engagement, and empathy on part of the teacher and learner towards each other, which includes respect and a state of well-being in the class group). 

Summer suggestions today come in a group of three Ss and one M. 

ScrapNook is free to download and you can create fun collages and cards to embed in your blogs, networks or portfolios. Summer has wonderful light to take photographs and collating them in a digital scrapbook to share is a great idea for quieter summer days. 

Although this blog often suggestions tools and platforms which can 
 be adapted to either language classrooms or any other subject, I'd like to mention Scitable, which is a fantastic resource for the sciences. You can look for articles, share resources, connect with peers and even create your own classroom for science to share with students. 

Shmoop is yet another site which is interesting for both learners and teachers. It offers an array of topics and activities which can be easily incorporated into lessons or set for self-study tasks. 

Lastly, with regular mentions of mind maps (see here ,  here  and here ), it is no surprise to include one more mind mapping tool. MindMaple is downloadable and fun to work with. 

And so my summer suggestions come to an end today.  To all, thank you for your time for visiting and leaving your reflections, feedback and thoughts. 

May all  have a Happy Summer!

And for those who remember historic summer events.....

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