27 June 2012

Wanted: Apps Apps Apps!

Summer shimmers shines, slipping one into shady shallows which later metamorphose into memories of moments. Snapshots of summer. Time translated into images. Every image a crop of time, an attempt to achieve order through chaos.

Having recently experienced a tech meltdown, having lost endless data, many of my own  crops of time vanished into nothingness. Out of lack, I turned to my iPad, browsing apps and images.

These are some of my favourite Apps for editing images: 

Lumie which plays with light forms 

Textify it - a fun app which adds letters and other features to images

Percolator - from bubbles and clouds to stars and black & white, effects are always interesting

Photo Wonder - especially fun for young girls as they morph themselves and add decorative designs to their images

Word Foto  - as the name suggests, you can add words to your images as you edit them in different sizes and formats

What are your favourite apps for editing images?

If you would like to discover more editing apps, you may discover some here


  1. What a beautiful and interesting site. I enjoyed the visit !

  2. Hi Eric, Thank you for visiting and your kind words! I hope that you visit again and may find suggestions of interest and useful to you.