15 June 2012

What If... ?

As a learner, I was often told "you can't do that".

As an educator, I was often told "you can't do that; students are not prepared; students cannot do that".

As myself? I do. I can.

My students? They can. They do. 

Success may be relative; learning is not. One cannot teach without conviction and passion. One cannot learn without the need of conviction, without the sense of open boundaries to knowledge and know-how. Without the gift of success. 

I was a learner and educator before the internet became accessible to all. Having recently lost nearly all my digital data, (Digital Breakdowns, Digital Transitions) , I was forced to wonder into what it would be to teach today without the internet and all the creative digital literacies which I so engage in and share with my students. What would life be like today without social media - a world so flimsy, so transitive, yet ingrained in today's daily motions. 

While driving back and forth, my urgency of loss led me to other issues - issues which currently affect education. 

The first question regards learners. What right do teachers have to call themselves educators if they hold back today's learners from the digital hemisphere, denying them the opportunity to become fluent in digital literacies and developing their digital identity? 

What exactly are educational managers who deny  their educational staff the opportunity to attend local conferences when there are no classes to teach, disregard professional development carried out online, and routinely dismiss any and all digital participation and creation?

Having trained top management in the business field, having also been in leadership and coordinating positions in education, I fail to understand the above. I fail to understand "you can't". 

There are so many people out there who will tell you that you can't.

What you've got to do is turn around and say

"Watch me!"

How about you? Can or can't?

World without Internet
Via: OnlineEducation.net

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