28 July 2012

You, Me and Social Networks

I tweet, I facebook, I G+; I waltz through social networks, a digital dance of social networking.

Or is it a social waltz?

And how social are we on social networks?

Although I actually do tweet and have a facebook account as well as being on G+, I do wonder how our students manage their identity and safety on social networks. Are we talking to each other, to one another or merely about ourselves?

Consider the following:

Psychology of Social Networking

I use social networks primarily for professional reasons; increasingly, young people use social networks for socializing. As they spend more and more time interacting online, they also need to know more about digital footprints, keeping safe from cyberbullies and other possible interactions which may come to harm them or later regret. 

Some further suggestions for E-safety include the following:

Protecting Reputations Online  - videos by Common Craft

A Platform for Good - for families, teachers and learners

Broken Friendship - more videos based on real-life stories 

What other sites would you recommend? Are we really obsessed by ourselves or with social media?

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