1 August 2012

Snap, Crackle, Pop!

During the long summer days, why not take time to explore new sites or take up a new hobby?

SnapPages is a simple way of creating your own page by dragging and dropping. There are different versions, including a free version for you to create your own webpage. 

Kapsul is slightly different, and of special interest to anyone who is involved in art. Collecting, curating and sharing is part of Kapsul's purpose and even if you don't want to begin using Kapsul, it offers a rich array of artistic examples for readers to enjoy. 

Canvas Dropr is an interesting tool to try out as well - a mesh between Google Docs and a cloud, Canvas Dropr allows you to collaborate in realtime, as well as synchronize presentations across platforms. 

CanvasDropr™ Introduction from CanvasDropr on Vimeo.

Because I'm about to begin teaching another online course, pop quizzes are crossing my mind - how to make quizzes more fun, more interesting?

Whether for online courses or F2F courses, Quizdini is a new tool that I will be looking into for the coming academic year. 

We all learn in different ways at different times.

Do you ever take time to find out how your learners prefer learning?

What will you be learning this summer?

What Type of Learner Are You?
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