25 October 2012

Greetings, De-Motivators and Visual Searches

Perhaps it is the morning light which has become a crisp autumn tone, or simply the fact that as the semester hurdles towards mid term exams, the passing of time, festivities and greetings come to my mind.  Whether celebrations are religious or not, festivities are always a time to reconnect with friends and family, sending good wishes and sharing crops of good will towards others. 

Among all the variations of sending greetings, there are e-cards to create and share. 

3D Postcard Generator is one option to create your very own postcard; delivr ecards (licensed under Creative Commons) and Jacquie Lawson Greetings  are two other options. With LetterJames, you can personalize messages and create ecards as well. 

Sometimes one only wishes to personalize an image or message, or even a poem. Festisite  offers instant creativity with poems and visuals. 

Many may be familiar with creating motivational posters, but how about de-motivational posters? With a sense of humour, one can browse already made  posters or create one's own with Fake Posters in 3 simple clicks. 

JibJab is another source for humourous visuals, and which also offers different categories from  celebrations (e.g. birthdays, anniversaries) to holidays)

Speaking of cards and posters, I cannot ignore visuals. Photo Gallery  is where you easily find a rich assortment of images on the topic you are looking for. For instance, it offers topics which you may be interested in; in this example on the right I chose perspectives. 

Because I live in a desert region, I wondered what would appear if I typed in "desert", and immediately was shown a rich choice of images: 

Whether one uses the suggestions shown on Photo Gallery or types in their own topic, Photo Gallery is an interesting tool when searching for images. 

The Noun Project is my last suggestion for today. The Noun Project offers clusters of icons for a wide variety of topics. These may be used for all kinds of purposes but also incorporated into classrooms as learning games and for revisions.  

For example, learners can play in teams challenging each other on how a word is spelt or even use icons to write sentences.  (This came to my mind as I looked at SixWord.It - a challenge to write a story in six words. )

What other visual tools would you suggest for greetings, posters and searches?

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