8 October 2012

How Does the Internet Work?

I balance analogue time, I balance digital time.

In perfect motions, in perfect movements throughout my days and nights.

Or so I wish I did. Despite never having enough hours in the day for all I would like to do, I would have no other world where I could not blend the analogue and digital. When I think about identity, I also include digital identity and how that too develops and changes with time. Being connected to a digital world is part of me. It has been ingrained in my daily motions for over half my lifetime. 

My students today were born with digital access at their finger tips. They know no other world where there were no mobile phones, no laptops, no digital connections. I sometimes wonder what digital environment will surround their children. 

However, having been born at a time when something exists, does not mean one knows how it actually works. Because one often takes one's environment for granted, there is no need to question, to prod for answers, to inquire.

And so I leave two questions for you:

1 - what can be done on the internet?

2 - how does the internet work?

Are your answers ready?

Analyse this infograph and compare!

Engineering The Internet

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