6 October 2012

Secret of Successful Learning?

Among all the clutter and clatter around digital technology and education, to use or not use mobile phones for learning, to individualize and personalize learning,  there is something nagging at the back of my mind: actual studying and making an effort to succeed. 

Over my 20+ years of teaching, teaching towards students' interests and needs was always a priority. Connecting the classroom with life beyond the walls of the institution, was a regular feature of my lessons. Regarding each student as an individual, finding ways to encourage each individual, understanding how each student learnt best, were all day-to-day practices of mine. I did not have digital technology at my finger tips. There were no IWB when I began teaching; no iPads, no online games to engage minds. 


Students learnt. Students succeeded. They went on to succeed in life and in their professions. 

Times and practices change, as they always have. I have seen the wonder and anxiety on teachers' faces when the Communicative Approach was mentioned. I have seen even more concern and eyebrow raising in regard to the  Humanistic  Approach. And I have smiled at the many reams of ink spilled over arguments between whether one should teach with the Communicative Approach or Task-Based Approach. 

Secrets of successful learning?

Effort. Dedication. Studying. Inner motivation to succeed and reach to the stars. 

Online games (which there are many mentions and references throughout this blog), IWBs, iPads and all digital devices are what they are - digital tools. Not the learning. With digital technology, there have been significant changes, namely the need to learn  and master digital literacies. Digital technology has brought enhancement in the learning process as well as responsibility. 


Learning itself remains to be done by the learner. 

The infographic below, published by Edudemic, may refer to Americans and the Chinese, however, I would say that the points highlighted in the infographic refer to all those who are studying. 

There are approaches in the article that I don't necessarily encourage - memorization, is one. Cutting out breaks is another. Nevetheless, when it comes to secrets of success, putting in time to study, investing time in practising what is presented in classes, training teachers with the best pedagogical models and approaches, and respect in educational institutions, are all features which I support - for any age and any time.

Success does not come at a whim.

Learning involves a process, even if one cannot always pin-point the exact moment of learning.

Stages of Learning
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Whether monetary recompensation (as referred to in the video below) or grades, (in an educational context), how do motivate students to succeed? 

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