13 November 2012

A Fusion of Movies, Images and Learning

Days are shorter, weather milder. Mid November and it is time for Autumn celebrations across the world, special events for different religions, special days for different countries. For learners, their days are beginning to be counted as semesters and terms now spiral towards their ends and final exams. 

How does one find relief and inspiration until the very end of such a busy time?

Muvizu, animation software,  is a great option. After downloading, there is a whole page with tutorials explaining how to use Muvizu.

Below is an example of the tutorials included:

Australia seems to be my current  fountain of inspirational finds; FUSE offers a wealth of resources from Early Childhood to Secondary Education. With facts, challenges and games, learning in November is filled with colour and imagination. 

Fotor is a fun image editor. As you click on each box, an example will appear. Up on the right hand side, you can find Features, which again, will add further help to the user.

November doesn't need to be dull.

A bit of imagination and fusion can go a long way.

How do you create fusions?

Further suggestions:

Animal Facts - National Geographic

Moovl - Hand-drawings with bouncy physics and animated behaviour

Space.Com - Space and Nasa news; includes games as well.


  1. Dear Cristina,
    I do not know if I should write in Portuguese or in English but in both languages I must say that your blog and you scoop is really great. In a couple of days I found several items I needed and your selection is really top notch!
    I´ll keep following you (in the web, of course :-))

  2. Dear ZA,

    Pode escrever em Portugues ou em Ingles! :-) Thank you for visiting and leaving your kind words - always much appreciated! I'm glad you find what I share and highlight here of interest/useful.

    As for my curation, again, thank you. Am glad that you find resources which I also find of interest and useful.