10 November 2012

Drops of Creativity

There are times when  I wish I could fluently and originally qualify creativity. Yet, for me, creativity is something so broad, so special and in the end, probably personal. Nevertheless, there are activities and tasks which bring out the best of creative qualities among learners and hopefully you will agree that the following suggestions are some of them.

Story Builder by Google is a simple tool to create and write a short story.

Create an account, type in the names of your characters and there you go! A short story to share.

Benetton Play is a digital toy, which allows players to create doodles and flipbooks, among other activities. It's a great site for those last minutes of a lesson or a release of fun at the end of the week or after testing. 

My previous post was on teens and as you can understand, teaching teens is still on my mind. SparkNotes is dedicated mostly to teens, covering topics such as writing, movies and fashion, as well as quizzes for teens. 

You can also find a resource of videos on a range of books from Shakespeare to Mark Twain. 

And why not dip into School Signs to begin or end a lesson?

Better still is to have students create their signs for their school and classroom. 

Our world is great, our world is small. 

Creativity makes the difference to all our lives. 

How do you encourage creativity in your classrooms?


  1. Hi Cristina,

    First of all I love your blog and I love the way you write.

    I'm afraid I haven't been encouraging creative in my classes as much as I would love to. Tks for the post and I'll check those tools you posted.

  2. Hi Rose,

    Thank you so much for your kind words! We can all foster learners' creativity in different ways - not only with digital technology. There are many countries where classrooms have 3 walls and a blackboard, yet there are still activities that can foster critical thinking and creativity.

    It is not simple being a "creative" teacher. On the other hand, if you really want to introduce more creative tasks in your lessons, there is a wealth of sharing online.

    If you have any question about any tool or particular post I have written, do feel welcome to let me know :-)

    Best wishes to you and your endeavors!

  3. Tks Ana. Its been a pleasure to read you.
    I'll follow u!!

  4. Hi Maria,

    Thank you so much for kind feedback! Glad to know that you find resources of interest/useful :-)