12 November 2012

Unexpected Gifts

My days are long as they are for the majority of educators and many other professionals. The class lesson is a mere stepping stone in a teacher's day - there are lessons to plot out, materials to select, meetings, increasing admin work to complete, homework to correct, professional training to attend; should I go on?

Yet, despite the many years I have been in the world of education, I am still addicted to classroom cultures, the laughter in corridors, the unexpected hug from a student and often, complicity and collegial interactions with colleagues. That too fills my days. 

Today was an exceptionally long day. And to my utter surprise, I received a most touching comment in one of my recent posts; but there have been other expected gifts as well. 

A short while back, Edmodo  nominated me as an ambassador supporter - a surprise, honour and pleasure as it is one of my favourite LMS to work with my students. 

Another most unexpected surprise was to have one of my blog posts short-listed by Teaching English - British Council , the award winning FaceBook page run by Ann Foreman

And back to today. Just before I had decided that I had done enough reading for this evening, I received a tweet with this special gift from Infomous, which is one of the most beautiful and interesting word cloud maker I have recently come across.

To all, my sincere thank you - there are wonders at the end of long days.

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