8 December 2012

Students and Technology

As 2012 draws to its end, I look back and consider the changes made, the changes still to be made. It was certainly the year of MOOCs and Audrey Watters' Top Ed-Tech Trends of 2012:MOOCs is a post to read and reflect on. It's been a year of regular inquiry into blended learning, network learning and the quest for iPads to solve all educational problems. 

Rather than making predictions for 2013 or lamenting what was not achieved in 2012, I'd like to pose a question: based on the information of this infographic below, how much applies to your educational context? Is there anything that surprises you?

Undergraduate Students & Technology
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Whether you are in favour of integrating more or less digital technology in your educational context, 2013 will certainly bring another round of educational changes and quests.

For all those who celebrate the Christmas Season, may it be happy and peaceful!

Does Santa really exist? from Beyond on Vimeo.

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