14 January 2013

Activities for Raising Cross-Cultural Awareness

Winter skies always remind me of how rich our lives are,  with the many cultural  differences we may experience today. In the past, travelling to other continents was unthinkable; trips to near-by villages could take days. Today, one doesn't even need to leave one's personal space to learn about other ways of life. One tap of the keyboard transports us to where ever we wish.

Globalization is often included in learners' curricula; a rich topic with so many different aspects to explore, depending much on the level of the course and learners' age. Cultural differences are usually appealing for learners: How do people eat? What do they wear to school? How do they greet each other?

There are different approaches to explore cultural differences and here are some suggestions.

My Culture Quest is an interactive game during which learners must make travelling decisions and find significant objects in different countries and cultures. A great activity, especially for both history and language classes.

Global Citizenship is another interactive game, which focuses on where food and products come from. At the end, there is further information regarding Free Trade, raising awareness of how people may be treated while making those products which are regularly consumed.

Both these games are found at My Learning, a free resource bank from museums and libraries. 

Other resources include Portraits, Surrealist Art: Objects and Meanings, adventure games and more. My Learning is a quite user-friendly, as  different areas (i.e. interactive games, images, audio etc) are easily found; subjects and age groups are also neatly pointed out.

As some probably know, I curate on different topics, so it is only natural that I'd like to suggest a favourite of mine - The Curator's Collection.

How do you teach globalization, while raising awareness about different cultures?

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