1 January 2013

Cyber-bullying and Learning

photo credit: Cyberbullying, would you do it? via photopin (license)

Bullying may be regarded, by some, as part of the school ground learning experience. However, with today's access to digital technology, bullying has gone much further than school gates. Cyber-bullying is real and in many cases, lethal. 

Shifting the blame to social media and banning social media in schools is not the answer; that is merely a knee-jerk reaction to a situation which needs addressing. 

Digital Learning Day will be celebrated on 6th February this year and, among other digital issues, should also address cyber-bullying. If educators wish to educate a digital population, to help guide digital citizens of today and tomorrow, then undoubtedly, cyber-bullying needs to be openly discussed in the classroom. 

Consider the following:

The Truth About Bullying
by iLanskiii. Learn about data visualization tools.

Just as issues such as plagiarism and copyright are dealt with in class, so too should the consequences of cyber-bullying be raised. 

It is not simple for victims - whether male or female - to speak up. Yet to be in a situation where they do not communicate what is happening to them, will only increase the solitude and suffering of the one who is being bullied. Cyber-bullying is more acute than mere name calling on the school playground; in today's world, it may be a 24-hour harassment. 

What can you do to prevent cyber-bullying this year?

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