30 January 2013

Release Your Inhibitions - Writing Resources

No matter how techie our lives have become, good writing is still a requirement to succeed at school and professionally. Good writing helps see in the world from a different angle, may be cathartic and most of all, good writing may be a pleasure. 

Now - how to get students writing? Yes, there are journals to write, quick notes to pass around, stories with beginnings, middles and endings. Yes, writers need to heed to sentence fluency and word choice, organisation and conventions.

And yet.... how to release students' inhibitions when it comes to actually writing? I have often referred to sites which are inspiring to practice writing. Today I'd like to share some other sites, some of which are inspiring for teachers to choose and reflect on writing assignments. 

100 Word Story is a collection of stories written in 100 words. A photo prompt is posted every month and anyone can submit their story in a 100 words.  One can use the same assignment in class by introducing an image and students then have to write 100 words. This enforces good practice in choosing vocabulary and focusing on context. 

The Write At Home Blog  includes reflections on the many varying aspects of writing, from how words sound to grammar rules. You can also find resources for writing classes or for students. 

 Notable Sentences ... for Imitation and Creation is a resource for educators who " wish to view grammar as something to be explored and not just corrected". Definitely a site to visit, to enjoy Sentences that take your breathe away and other delights related to writing. 

Elements of Language, by Holt, Rinehart and Winston, offers 3 sections in regard to writing: a Model Bank  with step by step writing tips, a Media Zone, exploring digital media and a Language Centre, with other resources for writing. 

As for learners? 

Here are some suggestions: 

NoRedInk - to practice Grammar and Writing Skills

Fraze.It - how to use a particular word in a sentence

One Look Reverse Dictionary - describe a concept to look for a word

Writing Felonies - Videos featuring the worst writing crimes and how to fix them

If all fails....maps are always helpful:

A Persuasion Map , which can be used for writing or debates. 

How do you release writing inhibitions in classrooms?

Further references and suggestions:

8 Must Have Posters on Teaching Writing - Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

13 Simple Strategies for Helping English Language Learners Throughout the Writing Process

One Word - Write about a word in 60 seconds

Rory's Story Cubes - Ideas for Writing

Story Starters - by Scholastic

Teacher Guide To Different Types of Writing

The Story Starter

The Writing Site

Writing with Writers - Scholastic (KG12) 

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