14 January 2013

Words, Images and Digital Stories

It is in the lull of calm that one remembers. 

Words. Images. Interwoven, ethereal worlds if not spoken, if not shared. I have yet to meet someone who is not captivated by stories, by images and how together they light up memories and desires of life. Stories are for the living. Stories are for living. 

Classrooms are the heart of educational enterprise, so where better to begin,  than classrooms to explore and create stories?

Scared of Words is one of those magical sites for young learners. Stories to be read, stories to engage in and change. One can can choose between 2 stories, and after choosing, then follow instructions and personalize each one. 

In The House of Scary Words, for instance, the young reader may choose to personalize a character, and other elements of the story.

There is also an interactive game, with a special character who will interact with the participant, giving clues and instructions.

Stories are to be read to, stories are to be created. Encouraging curiosity, developing self-esteem, expanding vocabulary and improving attention one's span, what is there not to like about story-telling? 

And as every story teller knows, images add that extra flavour to any story.

FreeDigitalPhotos.Net and Pixabay are 2 great sources for free images. Here,  you can find more images, apps for collages and images as well as a wide source of image editors to use freely. 

Stories transport one. Stories are to be told, heard, dreamt of. 

How do you best tell stories?

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