3 March 2013

A Homage to Girls, to Women, to All


Words that once were the epitome of what a girl should be. In many places still today, girls are expected to live in the shadows, accepting hard labour and harsh treatment. 

Nevertheless, times have changed and aspirations, dreams, goals for girls as well. 8th March celebrates International Women's Day.

I would like to briefly wish all a happy day, a successful day - for it is not only women and girls who should bear the day in mind: brothers, husbands, fathers too. Both genders make up life and our world, both genders help the other. Simple truth but one too often forgotten. 

More than equality and respect, my wishes extend everywhere where women must still travel long distances to collect water, where women breathe abuse in silence, where girls are denied an education; to all I wish a swift end - if a girl is not educated, if a girl is not healthy, how can she and her children contribute to a peaceful, thriving economic society?

Change may come slow, change may take time. Change also needs support and a will to change, a will to contribute, a will to help.

How smart are you?


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