9 March 2013

A Newspaper Stand for Learners

Some say that life is a box of chocolates, as you never know what you may find. Others, liken life to a box of drawers, as it takes courage to open a drawer, never knowing what may in it. 

Which brings me to magazines and newspapers - one looks at the cover, but never knows exactly what will be in them.   It is with these saying in mind, that I consider writing for a class newspaper great fun for learners. Writing for a school newspaper/magazine is not new and has been done for years. Here are some tools which may add a digital slant and ease to both teachers and learners for their class or school newspaper. 

Make A Classroom Newspaper offers guidelines, templates and ideas for students when they are preparing to write their articles. You can also find quizzes about newspaper, for example, Newspaper Comprehension Quiz  or choose a cloze activity with journalistic vocabulary. For either L1 or L2 speakers, there is plenty to choose from and activities for everyone. 

Newsmania (requires flash) is a game to start off learners thinking about being reporters, with a focus on general knowledge. There are 3 levels to play and would definitely be fun for a class divided into 2 teams to play. 

A follow on activity would be to have students create a similar type of quiz on the topic they are studying or about their own country - who would know more? 

Biography Book Reports is another way to create newspapers - instead of traditional book reports, students can write up their book reports but in a newspaper format.  In addition to newspaper templates, there are writing tips and rubrics - always a help for busy teachers. 

Auryn is giving away free apps this month in support of National Reading Month, so keep eyes open for lots of reading apps.

Mostly for young readers, you can find the  daily announcement on Facebook or Twitter. Below are the titles and when they will be offered:

Editable PowerPoint Templates  lets you choose from a range of newspaper templates in powerpoint format. They can then be easily embedded in a student's blog or class-newspaper. 

From Newspaper Template, another wealth of templates is offered, from sports publications to school templates. 

How do create newspapers in your classroom?

Further Suggestions:

All You Can Read - US Magazines and Newspapers

Printing Press - Create a newspaper, brochure or flyer

Tiny Letter - See who reads your newspaper and reply

Extranewspapers (templates for Word)

The Newspaper Clipping Generator

Newspaper Club - make and print your own newspaper

Rag Linen -Curated and published by  Todd Andrlik, who has built one of the most significant and comprehensive private collections of Revolutionary War era newspapers.

Newspaper Map

Biography Book Report: Fun Newspaper Projects

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