23 March 2013

Creative Movements

Pictured is "Empty Quarter Collage" by Ana Cristina Pratas. 
It's Day 21 of the "Crowdsourcing 30 Days of Creativity Tools" project! 
This is a guest post by one of my favorite curators on Twitter, Ana Cristina Pratas,@AnaCristinaPrts, an award-winning educator with a passion for knowledge-sharing. A great curator is a great teacher. A great curator uses a finely tuned sensitivity to ideas to make connections. In this beautiful post, Ana shares some favorite tools and introduces you to the world of "Creative Movements." 
My world. Sounds and visions from the sands, hyperlinked across digital bytes and open frontiers.
In my world, there is no secret to the key of inspiration – I drive through streams of thoughts, dunes with questions, endless blue skies.  With rolled down window, a warm breeze and music playing, I am transported through the dunes, open to creative plots which I wish to surprise others with. Each surprise I weave and share, becomes a gift to others, for them to create, for them to find their creative expression with music, text and visuals. 
It is when I am driving that inspiration is unleashed within me. For those who may know a little bit about me, this may come as a surprise, for wouldn’t inspiration come from being online?
Not always, not necessarily.
It is when one is off-line, away from the flickering screen, the clackering of voices and digital clutter that scream for one’s attention that my mind wanders most freely. Together with the natural silence and sweeps of sands, drifting music, my body in harmony with hot metal, my mind lingers in creative movement.
Two tools I enjoy using in my classrooms are both simple and pleasing.  PhotoPeach andVuvox are both easy to use, creating a different kind of presentation, one with movement and sound. Much more involving than a regular PowerPoint presentation, my students use these two free tools to develop and create digital stories. Digital elements of web literacy and digital literacy are part of today’s education. Story-telling has always been part of learning and living.
My world is based on oral traditions. Stories of genies, of women who loved far too much, of heroes who defended oases and homes.  In every world I participated in, there were stories. Stories by the fireplace, stories by the rolling waves, stories among rice paddies. For what else does one travel in life with, if there is no story to tell?
Story-telling is part of what makes one human. Story-telling involves one, begging for individualization, for drama, for lights and action! There are characters to meet, voices to listen to.
By asking others to create digital stories, one is empowering their voices, acknowledging their imagination and abilities to communicate with an audience. It is by opening doors and minds, fostering creativity and identity, that young people may achieve the voice within themselves.
And so I return to travels and dunes. This is not meant to be a lesson nor even less, a gospel of truth. A reflection from the open skies, where I constantly endeavor embedding education with creative movements.

Ana Cristina Pratas is an educator in the UAE who shares tools and resources through her scoop.it collections which to date have garnered almost 370,000 views! On her resource-rich website, CristinaSkyBox, Ana has specific sections for EducatorsTools, and Curation
From Ana: "I have been teaching EAP/ESP for over 20 years now, in a a variety of settings, from Universities and Colleges, to Financial companies and Industry. I currently teach in the Middle East and one of my main interests is to encourage learner autonomy, creativity and critical thinking skills through the use of technology."


Re-blogged with kind permission from blogbrevity's posterous - 21 Days of Creativity Tools, September 2012, a blogging project initiated by Angela Dunn

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