17 March 2013

How Do You Tell Stories?

Where is this? Who is he? Guard, poet of the land, keeper of the castle, warrior before the final battle? 

And those pots? What secrets do they bring? Recipes, jewels, foods from afar?

Sunset and fires, sands and winds. 

Who do they all belong to?

To you.

To me. 

I have always loved stories, so it is no surprise that throughout my teaching years I have shared this with learners. Everyone has stories to tell, just as everyone enjoys hearing stories about the far and distant, the close and mundane. 

Stories connect us. 

Stories make and define us. 

We are our stories.  

From visual prompts, to a wealth of digital sites to choose from,  to apps which help create visual stories, from chalkboards to sitting on the floor in a circle, there is no excuse not to practice storytelling in classrooms.  Fotobabbles, timelines, images with captions, newspaper clippings, wishing boards (either analogue or digital)  - the options are endless!

Begin by asking your students to take a picture of their favourite space when they are at school/college and let yourself be taken away with their stories. 

How do you best like telling stories?

Further reference:

Tellagami - an App for short stories

UTellStory - sharing stories with images and video

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