20 March 2013

Teachers, Classrooms and Digital Tech

Close your eyes. 

Go back to the classroom and think of your teachers. 

What images rise to the surface?

Teachers today share many images, many styles, many approaches. One common bond is their dedication to their students and the world of education. Another increasing bond, is their exploration and use of digital technology in the classroom. Whether with web tools or apps, many teachers are breaking traditional images of the dusty classroom teacher with powder chalk and ink stained fingers. Increasingly, it is these teachers who are paving the future of our youth, of nations, despite all odds and obstacles. Creative uses of digital technology are being implemented, often without any recognition of teachers' efforts and dedication to prepare learners for their todays and tomorrows.

If the internet has opened windows of life beyond one's immediate surroundings, educators strive to light the fire of learning and passion for knowledge and understanding with their novel uses of technology. 

How about you? 

How do you feel about introducing digital tech in your classroom?

 What do we Know Infographic 
 (Courtesy of Online Universities.com)


  1. I'm for technology, but I wish I received more training in how collaborative writing is done in the working world. I teach high school seniors, and I see so many issues...difficulty with analyzing, fragments, awful spelling, etc. So sometimes I feel like they need a lot of work on the nuts and bolts, not making "real-world" presentations and such. However I used Edmodo for the first time with my classes this year, and I love it.

  2. Hi Dr. Tress,

    Thank you for your comments - real issues that happen to so many of us. One way that could perhaps answer your immediate question is to have someone from a company visit your classroom to give a short talk and then students could ask questions. Having an outside visitor is always fun and motivating for students.

    If your institution subscribes to lynda.com, perhaps you could find some answers there as well.

    With all the current shifts in business practices today, I hesitate in saying which platforms are used in companies as this varies so much.

    In regard to students' writing and presentation skills....I so understand!

    I'm glad you like using Edmodo; it's my favourite LMS to use with F2F students as well because it is so easy for them to use and so practical for both student and teacher. :-)

  3. Olá Ana Cristina, parabéns pelo seu blog, sigo-o há tempos.
    Sou educadora de infância e doutorada em TIC no pré-escolar e dou aulas no ensino superior. Quer com os "pequeninos" quer com os adultos, uso as TIC todos os dias por serem uma excelente ferramenta.

  4. Ola Rita,

    Obrigada por o seu tempo e compartilhar a sua experiencia. Como a Rita diz, ha ferramentos para todos os contextos e idades, dai que nao ha razoes para nao usar-las. Eu faco "curation" de plataformas e ICT e todos os dias apreendo e surpreendo-me com novidades.

    Penso que nao e a ferramento em si que transforma, mas sim, a aprendizagem que a ferramento oferece.

    Obrigada tambem por as suas palavras tao motivadoras - e sempre uma honra e prazer que ha colegas que visitam este blog, adicionam a conversa e ainda por cima, gostam! :-)