6 March 2013

You, Me, and Others - Bullying in the Playground

There has always been the play-ground bully, just as there has always that certain teacher who bullied both students and colleagues. Those individuals still exist everywhere. In some places, professional harassment goes undercover, silenced, secret and illegal. Playground bullying, however, has moved on to a wider and more dangerous stage. 

Recently, many have  referred  to the moving video by Shane Koyczan:

I would also like to highlight To This Day - a project started by Shane Koyczan and to which so many in education and other fields, could and should participate in.

To This Day from To This Day on Vimeo.

For it is not only on the school playground - bullying continues in adults' lives and among the youth, has found its space online. Silent. Secret. Public shame.

No matter what one has done or not, no matter what religion, skin colour, gender choice, no one deserves to suffer bullying in silence, shame and in extreme isolation, take suicide as the only alternative. 

Raising awareness in classrooms, playgrounds, staffrooms, is the obligation of all educators. Whether on the playground or online, learners need to know that they are not alone, that there is always someone there to listen and help. And keeping silent is not the solution. 

Take time to raise awareness. Take time to prevent, and maybe, even stop the bullying.

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