22 March 2013

Your World is Open - Why Wait?

I often hear how educators struggle with time to keep up-to-date with todays educational trends and technology. It goes without saying that implementing change in institutions without training support is pointless and that all professional training has to bear in mind teachers' most immediate needs. 

However, often one may find that the training provided does not quite meet one's needs or interests. What then? Again, there is no excuse today for our world is open. There are so many ways to keep one's professional skills and interests up-to-date and here are some suggestions to explore. 

Let's begin with Xperts, a search engine for resources. Simple to use and which takes you exactly to where you need. Podcasts, science or humanities are all there at a click of a button. 
Other search engines of interest are Free Learning,  schoolr, and zyndle, which searches for PDFs.

Remember to explore Open Content as well and let yourself be surprised at what you can find!

Among the many open resources available to educators, Annenberg Learner  and Open Tapestry are two great places to look for content, ideas and open resources to explore and use. 

Free Resources for Educational Excellence is yet another source for open materials, ranging from animations and videos to documents and images, all neatly displayed by theme and topic. 

From the Commonwealth of Learning MIT's Open Courseware, educators are almost spoilt with the choices they have today.  These sites are not only for the developing world, but for all to use and re-use. 

There is also the Open Learn and other institutions' open resources - if one choose to look them up. 

Bloggers such as Nik Peachey, Russell Stannard and Nicky Hockly (to name just a few) have been publishing teaching ideas and how-to-do for years; Ann Foreman who manages the award winning Facebook page Teaching English, has no time to rest with the constant liveliness that it receives.  Here you can find other educators who I follow, learn with and highly recommend. Yet, even so, those are a mere glimpse of a window where there are so many educators sharing and debating ideas. 

My world is open.

Your world is open. 

What are you waiting for?


For further information regarding Open Educational Resources, see here

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