2 May 2013

Blogging Platforms Around the Block

With Posterous shutting down and whispers of Google perhaps shutting down Blogger, here are some other blogging platforms one can take into consideration. 

Ghost is a free blogging platform with open code, you can host it on your laptop or pubic server, and mobile friendly. Gatsby may appeal to those who are familiar with WordPress, with beautiful templates. Moveable Type is both a blogging platform and social network, while OverBlog may be used for blogging, sharing content from the web and more.

If you already blog, two sites which may interest you are Bloxp and BlogBooker.

You can use either as a back up or simply enjoy creating a book from your posts.

An interesting question making the rounds online is whether social media will take over blogging? 

Blogging is part of social media, so personally I don't really see that happening though it is possible that blogging may be slightly down in general. Days continues to have 24 hours and time demands are forever increasing. However, blogging with its re-mixing, re-hashing of media, is a skill/practice that won't be going away so soon.

Or so I hope, as there is a sea of blogs which I read, enjoy and learn from.


Blog on!

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