5 May 2013

Digital Explorations in the Month of May

Yesterday I could hardly believe that May had arrived.  Almost mid  2013 and there always is so much to do, so much to explore and learn!

Among other sites to explore, these are 3 which I really want to spend more time on. 

iTeachU is an Elearning Intstructor Training Online, from the University of Alaska Fairbanks and is a rich source of reference and learning for both educators who teach in classrooms F2F and online.  With teaching tips and focus on digital tools for learning, it's a rich reference for all.

Perhaps because Spring is a great time for de-cluttering one's life and closets, SideVibe is another site which I wish to spend more time using - really great for both learners and teachers. 
SideVibe seems to be a perfect Spring tool to use in classrooms and to help students use for themselves.

And what would Spring be without new digital delights? Permamarks is definitely going to make a difference to many who experienced the need to shift their work from one blogging platform to another.

Still in Beta, go ahead and request your invite!

Time and time again. My regular struggle to balance and manage my daily hours. There are moments when yes, I shrug and border giving up. Time will come and time will go. Most importantly is to do what keeps you happy during time. And being able to put time into perspective. Here Is This Year is a creative , interactive visual - let yourself be inspired (or comforted) with time.

Which  explorations do you have in mind for May 2013?


  1. Thank you for this post. I've just been into iTeachU and the resources are excellent. A wonderful eLearning Compass to assist with making the appropriate choice of tools to implement in the classroom and so much more :-)

  2. I'm giving you The Sunshine Award!

  3. Hi Patricia,

    Glad you found resources of interest - I certainly did :-)

  4. Ola Pilar! Surprised and honoured - my only response is thank you for such kind words and sharing your amazing blog!