26 May 2013

Presenting for End of Academic Year

With the academic slowly, but surely, heading towards its end in many places, learners will be sharing the same dread of final assessments and exams. One way of helping learners achieve that final leap to success, is giving them the opportunity of individual, pair or small group presentations. This builds their confidence both in doing research on a determined topic as well as fostering their public speaking skills - not to mention the necessary skills which go into team work and meeting deadlines. 

Two recent presentation tools I have come across are worth mentioning -  Bunkr and emaze.  Both present themselves as interesting alternatives to PowerPoint, as well as being free. 

And, as it is never enough to remind learners, bullets kill! Storyboarding a talk will engage learners and help them perform at a much higher level.

And as an ending for now, I'd like to highlight 57 Study, Learning and Revision Habits of A-Star Students  - a little nudging goes a long way!

How do you help nudge your learners that extra bit forward to success?

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