3 July 2013

A Breeze of Summer Green

It never fails to surprise me how once Christmas is over, all good feelings and well meant wishes for the happiness and well-being of others, quickly vanish into the thin air of over-loaded daily routines.  The same good-will often fades away as soon as the annual environmental celebrations are over. Environmental awareness is often only touched upon once a year - but since the environment involves all of us, why not introduce it more often?

Today, two brief mentions of sites which can be introduced in class in order to help raise further awareness of how fragile our environment is becoming. 

Inspiration Green offers images, references, issues, and a range of topics related to the environment. User-friendly to browse,  teachers and students can explore whenever they are discussing environmental issues. Of particular interest (to some), are the images from the Omo Valley

in the south of Ethiopia - a world rapidly changing and disappearing owing to motor-ways being developed  and the call to the cities which will soon become easy to reach.
What will happen when these tribes no longer live their traditional life-styles? What does indeed happen when modernity brings about such dramatic social changes? So many people around the world have already had their lives disrupted with modern change. What about these tribes, who now are often regarded as a human zoo in their own land? These and other issues can be debated in class, for when discussing the environment, one needs to remember the human who lives in that environment as well. 

My Garbology offers another range of resources for teachers and learners, as well as families. With a focus on daily waste, My Garbology brings to light recycling and the benefits of composting. Students can revise what they have learnt with a quick, simple game and take their pledge on how to reduce waste. 

From keeping our natural surroundings pristine to healthy living and eating, one cannot only remember the environment once a year. Instead, make it a daily celebration!

Living On The Edge / Tribes of OMO Valley 2012 from O Z Z O Photography on Vimeo.


  1. Obrigada! :-) Sim, a fota de cima e do Nepal, com as Himalayas a vista.