10 July 2013

Developing Your own Elearning

From introducing digital tools and apps in classroom practices,  there are times when educators also need to take that extra step forward and begin developing their own elearning courses.

Versal is one of those platforms which promises to give educators freedom of developing their own elearning courses.

Still in Beta, Versal promises to go
 " Beyond video. Beyond slide decks. Versal brings interactivity to online learning through customizable exercises called “gadgets.”

Drag and drop gadgets – simulations, charts and so much more - right into your course, no coding required." 

Sign up now to explore in more detail what this new platform may offer you and your students. 


  1. Thank you Carlos, I think this may have a lot of positive potential for teachers and students to tailor their own e-learning courses. Am looking forward to using it once it is open to all.

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