4 October 2013

Organising Writing and iPad Publishing

Easier said than done, being creative and finding innovative alternatives, need a bit of guidance, especially for learners who are studying in a second language or being required to work more autonomously. 

Printable Graphic Organizers is a great aid for both teachers and learners.  

There are writing graphs, helping learners outline essays and other learning tasks; as well as worksheets which help with visuals, making students' tasks more memorable. 

Teachers can easily find graphs and worksheets which meet their lesson aims and even sign up to receive printable materials and lesson plans. 

Once students have accomplished their writing task, it is then time to consider whether they will be sharing their work or not. 

With the increasing use of tablets, LucidPress  
offers a great choice for publishing on iPads.

LucidPress  is easy to sign up to and once signed in, offers friendly tutorials for users. 

Other interesting features include the possibility to integrate  with Google Drive, a backup/restore option, a search box and the choice of keeping documents for oneself or shared. 

How will your students be sharing their stories this year?

Giangrande - Paper Plane (Official Video) from gianluca maruotti on Vimeo.

Further Suggestions:

Active TextBook - From Reading to Interacting 

Jimdo - free website builder, available for iOS

Webnode - create your own website for free

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