26 October 2013

Picture a Story

From the world of make-believe, to capturing and sharing one's daily stories through Instagram and other social networks, the same thread of humanity runs through analogue and digital worlds. 



For this is what makes us human and as human, what we  share and relate to.  Stories bind us, stories guide and stories teach us empathy. Whether fictions or facts, whether humour or pain, it is through storytelling that we too, in turn, become more humane to the world around us. 

Picture A Story is a means of telling and later sharing a visual story. 

Begin by choosing the genre, then background; you are then given an option of characters  which you drag and resize. 

Characters then have a choice of props to choose from. 

The last step, is to write and record the complete story. 

Ideally, I would like to be able learners to embed their stories in a blog, but they can share via email, and then vote for their favourite story in class. 

How will you be letting your stories become open and free?


Addison's Tales - The New World of Storytelling

The Art of Storytelling  (Resources and Ideas for Educators)

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