1 November 2013

A Wealth of Videos for Classrooms

With a world of Apps and excellent interactive websites, I sometimes feel that videos are left behind in the choices for classroom activities. However, there are great collections and websites offering videos which are appropriate and engaging for lessons.

Curious is a video community which has videos for lessons as well as being a means for teachers to share their video lessons.

gives you the option to crop a video, add your voice and embed quizzes, making videos more interactive and tailored to your specific context. 

Asap Science is a rich collection of quirky science videos which are published on a weekly basis. 

The Kid Should See This , CNN Student News, Rocketlist, and CK12 are other sources for videos which can be used in classrooms or for a flipped classroom approach.

On the left hand-side of this blog, you can also find a Video Log with video sites which are great for lessons.

What other video sites do you enjoy using?

Further Suggestions

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