2 November 2013

Evaluating Websites is a Digital Literacy Too

No matter how one wishes to understand the use of webtools and apps, digital literacies are here, are necessary and will not be vanishing from our contemporary world so soon. One may regard digital tools as mere tools, with the emphasis on what learning outcomes emerge from the use of these tools. One may also take a broader view and understand digital literacies as not only the use of digital tools as a means to accomplish a learning goal, but also how  digital literacies are more than a checklist of practical, tech know-how. 

Learning how to research, use search engines and evaluating websites is also part of digital literacies. In this post, I'd like to suggest some resources to help both teachers and students when evaluating websites.


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Further references:

Because it is Time 

Criteria for Evaluating Web Tools and Apps - Nik Peachey

Digital Literacies 2 : The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus - Nicky Hockly

Evaluating Web Based Tools for ELT - Nik Peachey

How do You Search? Let Me Count the Ways

Shifting the Debate on Tech

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