12 November 2013

Linking the Classroom Tribe

At the beginning of any course, teachers will be busy selecting ice-breakers for their new classes and finding ways to present expectations, ensuring that evaluation procedures are clear and essentially, setting up a new culture (i.e. classroom culture). 

This is usually a fun time, a "honey-moon" period, where everyone is getting to know others in their class. Yet, sometimes, there will be groups which take more encouragement to form a cohesive learning group. With increasing diversity in schools reflecting our social worlds beyond the school-gate, consolidating a cooperative classroom culture may take time to succeed. 

One approach may be to create a search engine just for a class or group. As an example, I include a search engine I made with my own name, but will certainly be making one for each of my classes!

Fun doesn't have to be only for the first week of learning  ;-)

Besides, learners need to know that their teachers care about them and their classroom experiences as much as they do about their grades.

A Tangled Tale from corrie francis parks on Vimeo.

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